Customer’s Common Questions

Q.  How much is a basic black frame?

A.  This is a very popular question but the answer is not that simple.  The reason that we cannot give a straight answer to this questions is the fact that custom framing depends of several factors.

  1. The dimensions of the item to be framed.  Is the item flat such as a poster or photo, or is it 3 dimensional such as a jersey, comic book, etc.
  2. The size of the item.  Custom framing prized by inches squared.
  3. Shade of black.  There are several shades of black that could make a difference when you place it next to the piece you want to frame.
  4. Size of the width of the frame.
  5. The material of the frame.  There are several options of frames: wood, metal, plastic, green materials etc.
  6. Additional elements such as single, double or no matting, spacers, multiple openings, etc.
  7. The type of glass.  Depending of what your ultimate goal is there is a glass that matches your needs.  The glass options are:  regular, non-glare, museum, conservation regular, conservation non-glare, acrylic and more.

As illustrated above the answer to this simple questions is quite complex.  It is best to take the item to the store and make your selection to what you want your final product to be.

Q.  How much is it to frame a regular poster?

A.  As seen in the response to the question above, the answer to this question also depends what your selection from the items 2 through 7 of the list shown above plus:

  1. What color you want the frame to be.

Q.  Why is framing so expensive?

A.  Custom framing, as the term suggest, is a personalized creation according to the customer’s specific wants and needs.  The determination of the cost of a custom framing job begins with the labor and builds as follows.

  1. Labor:  Difficulty of the job and the length of time it will take to do the job.
  2. The frame selected:  the price of the frame is based on the material of the frame, the size of the frame and size of the item to be framed/
  3. Mat:  What type of mat, single, multiple, mats, multiple openings.
  4. Glass:  What type of glass is build.

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